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Annual LMCA Spring Thing 2017

In just over month will be having our annual LMCA Spring Thing in Spring Lake, MI at the Holiday Inn Grand Haven. John and Karen Meyers will giving a presentation on the their trip on the Erie Canal including photos and videos from the summer of 2016. The eveing will also include a cash bar and dinner. Below you will find the address, schedule, and menu for the night's festivities. We look forward to seeing you there! Members will be notified via the blog when online registration is open.

April 22nd

Holiday Inn Grand Haven

940 W Savidge St
Spring Lake, MI 49456

Fee: $30 per person (includes tax and gratuity)

Cash bar opens: 6:00pm

Opening Remarks: 6:40pm

Dinner: 6:45pm 

Presentation: 7:30pm


Beef – Mahogany Steak Medallions
hand-cut beef shoulder pan seared medium to medium rare with sweet and spicy Worcestershire reduction, served with garlic and chive mashed potatoes and vegetable medley. Can be cook further by request. 
Fish – Parmesan Baked Flounder
parmesan breaded Mediterranean flounder finished with a basil cream sauce, served with wild rice and vegetable medley 
Chicken – Grilled Chicken
grilled chicken breast topped with mushroom ragout, served with wild rice and vegetable medley
Vegetarian – Stuffed Portobello 
portobello mushroom stuffed with spinach, artichoke, roasted red peppers, boursin and mozzarella cheese, served with wild rice, finished with a brandy mornay

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Holiday Party Weather

Be advised that the lakeshore has had less snow than inland. When I blew my drive this morning there was maybe 2 inches of snow from the last 2 days.

Merry Christmas!

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Founders Palate Exploration: An Evening of Beer and Chocolate Pairing

November 3 was a beautiful fall evening that brought together a group of LMCA members for a unique brewery experience. (article by George Helmstead)

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