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Proposed Changes to the Bylaws of LMCA

Any organization evolves over time necessitating changes to its operational structure. To that end the LMCA Board proposes the following changes to the Bylaws to more accurately reflect the evolution of the operation of LMCA.

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Beer & Chocolate Reservations

Founders has opened the reservations for their beer and chocolate class to the public. When they had the reservations closed, the public couldn't make a reservation. As of today there are now 12 spots left for the Beer and Chocolate event. It is now open to the public so if any LMCA members want to join us, you need to make your reservations as soon as possible. 

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Chocolate & Beer? Better Hurry!

Act Today! It turns out that Founders Brewery has not opened up reservations to the public for this beer & chocolate event, but will do so after today. Beginning tomorrow, Saturday, it will be opened up to the public. So if you don’t want to miss out on this unique tasting, you really need to visit their website, foundersbrewing.com , and register TODAY.

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